Reflecting on Roma

There are so many things to say about Rome.  From the profound history to the gorgeous alleyways, to the numerous fountains and statues, there is never a dull moment while in this city.  A few summers ago, I was able to get back to this wonderful place and of course I enjoyed seeing the sites again, but my favorite part of being back was staying in a new neighborhood.  Yes. Seems simple enough and not the most “wow” factor when you describe Rome, but I’m telling you – Trastevere is the BEST.  My boyfriend (now husband!) and I were able to stay in an Air-bnb for a long weekend and it truly felt like we lived there.  We would go to the same coffee shop every morning, went grocery shopping to make our own cheese plates and wandered the winding streets.

Trastevere is known for it’s trendy restaurants, cobblestone streets and nightlife.  Just walking around the area you will find that this is a hidden gem in Rome.  Everything is covered in vines, the people are so friendly and there is one restaurant in particular that is just outstanding, Checco er Carettiere.  Opened by the Porcelli family in the 1930s, the family stays true to their humble roots (selling wine from a donkey cart) by only using the freshest ingredients and maintaining a spectacular wine list of over 330 wines.  Be sure to order the ossobuco roman style which is what they are known for.

While I cannot wait to get back again for copious amounts of pasta, and that warm feeling from Trastevere/Rome in general,  this trip was such a nice reminder that no matter what place you visit, be sure to check out the spots that are NOT on the top of the tourist list.  It’s so fun to become engulfed in the culture and pretend for a moment that you’re one of the locals 🙂

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