Ok ok ok so we’ve all gotten our bottles of wine, chips (obviously), and all of the proper accoutrements etc. etc to settle in and watch the Oscars tonight. We’ve found some sort of TV, large or small, friends house, or in the comfort of our own homes, regardless, aren’t you finding yourself in front of some sort of TV?  Truth be told, I find it fascinating that for one night, so many people in this country can come together and appreciate a certain kind of art.  Yes, this art impacts all of our lives if you so decide to watch the movies that are nominated…they’re likely going to be a smidge depressing! However, each one of them tells a special story that pulls at all of our heart strings because they somehow relate to our own story.

Whatever your story might be, whether it’s portrayed in the movies or not, harder, easier, way more simpler…isn’t it nice that for one evening we can all kind of…kind of…be on the same playing field?  We’re all watching and voting for the same movies right? All in it together?!  So at the end of the day the Oscars join us all together and we can all finally relate on some sort of issue.  It may not be monumental, but MY GOODNESS, if we can relate together over Oscar movies, I would really like to think that we have some hope on joining together on future issues.

Happy Oscars and Happy Sunday 🙂

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