A Bourbon Affair

We arrived to Charleston last Friday afternoon, ate a bit of food and promptly went to the Bourbon Affair, our first event at the Charleston Food and Wine Festival. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, not a cloud in the sky and probably a cool 65 degrees.  Perfect bourbon drinking weather :).  Based off of how many times I’ve been to Charleston, I thought I would have had the smallest inkling of where this bourbon affair was, but nope! The location was pretty far north in the downtown area and what amazed me the most was the fact that it was outside in between two buildings.  To be clear…an alley.  Don’t want to say that I was skeptical, but it was certainly interesting.

We eagerly waited in line outside of the venue and finally rounded the corner to enter our bourbon alley.  Not going to lie, someone was brilliant in thinking up this location.  There were two long aisles of bourbon tastings, tons of pork (meh) and more bourbon.  What was neat was that almost all of the stands had a mini train car right behind them that was spray-painted.  Images below:


With our hearts set on tasting as much bourbon as possible….we quickly covered the first alleyway and made our way to the back-end of the venue where we found a lovely jazz band.  IMG_4777

The band just SET the mood.  Think about it, feeling a little tipsy, crisp weather, a jazz band, what more can you ask for?  The whole ambiance was beyond wonderful.  Over the course of two hours we noshed our way through the alleys, enjoyed the sunshine and started off our weekend on the right foot.  Would I recommend the bourbon affair to everyone?  Let’s just put it this way, if you’re not a bourbon aficionado then probably not.  I couldn’t find a single beer or wine! I’m not going to complain one bit though, talk about a classy event and just so much fun. Stay tuned for more Charleston Food and Wine posts throughout the week! I’m telling you…if you like food, or wine, or beer, or bourbon, or pretty much anything that’s delicious….you’ve got to go to this event! Happy Saturday!

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