Designing a Study

We moved into our first house! As if getting married wasn’t enough, we decided to purchase our first house last August.  Closing in September, we were a month away from the wedding, and had quite a bit to do with the house too. It was A LOT.

While the house had brand new appliances, the carpet had seen better days and whomever decided to pick out the color palette, I apologize, but they certainly did not know what they were doing.  On the listing they even had “freshly painted” as a selling point.  Let’s just say that when you walked in, the left part of the house was an awful khaki color and then the right side was a dark navy.  Perhaps if all of the walls were the awful khaki, or if all of the walls were the dark navy, I could have lived with it, but nope! Had to see both of them at once.  Sorry, I digress! This post is about the study!

When you walk into the house, there’s an open concept type room on the right.  It was definitely made to be a proper dining room, but with both of our parents living in the same town, we aren’t hosting any proper dinner any time soon. We needed a desk as I work from home sometimes, and we had these gorgeous blue chairs that crazy enough I got from target a while back for one of my several apartments, so we thought this room was perfect for a study.

The first element we needed for the study was a good bookshelf.  I found mine on wayfair.  While I found a gold one that I wanted, this one really spoke to me.  With the dark wood and the rustic type feel, I really thought it would pair nicely with a clean white desk and some chic nick nacks if you will.

Once I got the bookshelf, it was about how to structure it.  I ended up using my Jonathan Adler bookends right at eye level and with my cookbooks that I use often.  These bookends were actually one of the first things I registered for for my wedding, and couldn’t be happier that I got them!

At the top of the bookshelf I highly recommend putting a candle and then some sort of design piece.  The design piece (in my case it is a round orb paperweight) really adds that extra beauty to your books.

Next, absolute musts for the desk itself.  A cute lamp (mine is a bit large but I just love it), a colorful picture frame, coasters so you don’t drip on your desk, a paper holder for all of the nonsense, computer (obviously), an amazing smelling candle and then one thing that means something to you and is beautiful.  For me, it’s my one and only collegiate golf trophy.  I happened to win a D1 golf tournament and this was my gorgeous prize! Note…the amazing smelling candle is from a brand called D. L. & Co.  It’s citrusy yet not too strong smell is wonderful for a working space, or any space for that matter!DSC_0263

Next – art.  While I’m a big fan of art in general, I find that having a lot of art in the study makes the room feel cozier as well as somehow brings it up a level in regards to intellect.  You want to walk in the room and feel some sort of inspiration, whether that comes from the art or the books, or the colors, you want to get that vibe.  Even if you are to use a strong wallpaper, I think you could achieve the feeling that you just want to BE in that room.

Last – a great rug.  First I was thinking that I wanted a shag rug for this room, but then, my parents ended up wanting to get rid of one of their orientals, and I said sure! I’ll take it! It ended up working perfectly for this room because the colors are muted enough to where it doesn’t take over the space.  It allows the colors of the chairs, the pictures and the books to really speak on their own.

All in all, I do think my study is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Because I incorporated all of the elements  that I think are “study” worthy, I just love being able to sit in this room for hours and not feeling like I want to leave.  It’s inspiring, cozy, and filled with pieces that are meaningful.  Have any design inspo to share?  Let me know! I’m always looking for new ways to enhance my space!

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