Starting 200hr Yoga Teacher Training!

This weekend I start my yoga teacher training! I began practicing yoga for about 10 years and it all started with my college offering it as an elective.  I had always been interested so I decided to go for it!  Let’s just say that I absolutely fell in love.  Taking the “tests” didn’t even feel like tests, going to class was like therapy and I was learning life lessons just by practicing yoga.

After college, I moved around a lot, however, each new city that I went to, I found a yoga studio.  I will say that my favorite yoga studio was in Portland, Oregon and was/still is called the YoYo Yogi. This place was like heaven.  With the exposed brick, the wood floors, the candles and the dim lighting, I found it to be almost spiritual.  It didn’t hurt that the teachers were awesome and continually changed up the format of the classes to keep you on your toes.

While I prefer some studios over others, that’s not the reason I love yoga.  If you haven’t ever tried yoga, each class consists of some poses you know that you’re going to do, and then some poses that are thrown in there depending on what the teacher is feeling.  What’s interesting is that while you for the most part know what’s coming, you don’t always know how your body is going to react.  Sometimes you fall over, sometimes you nail a pose that you’ve been working on for months, and then sometimes you have to listen to your body and go into what’s called “child’s pose” so that you can take a rest.  For one hour (or a little more depending on the class length) you are able to focus on the practice and nothing else. You begin to realize that it’s OK to fall down, and it’s OK to take a break when you need it.  Aside from that, you recognize that your breath is coordinating with your body’s movements, so all in all, you’re feeling pretty in tune with yourself 🙂

Getting to the point where you are “in-tune” between mind and body is the first amazing part of yoga.  It’s then the self-love that you feel when you’ve completed the practice.  For a full hour or more, you’ve given all that you’ve got and then you take a moment and meditate and thank yourself for working so hard and following through with your practice that day.  It sounds cheesy, but the meditation portion is SO GREAT.  You’re sweaty, tired, and the teachers usually turn down the lights even more, and THEN you say thank you to yourself?  How often do you honestly thank yourself for doing something?  It’s pretty remarkable.

The last (even though there’s a million) thing about yoga that I love is the continuation into your daily life.  I find that on the days I go to yoga, I’m calmer, feel more mentally aware and frankly eat healthier too.  In my opinion, subconsciously you want to bring that yoga vibe with you throughout your day and it just happens! I don’t think I’ve ever gone to yoga and then eaten a cheeseburger afterwards.  The two just don’t go hand in hand!

Clearly there are so many positives of doing yoga, but the reason I’m becoming a teacher? I want everyone to feel the way that I feel when I do it.  Between becoming more empowered, more self aware, healthier and overall just happier – I cannot wait to be able to share that feeling with others and hopefully allow them to feel the same.  Stay tuned for my adventures in 200 YTT this year!



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