Hiking 101

A few weeks ago Sean and I went on our first real hike together.  We had “hiked” all over NYC going to sample sales and bopping around Brooklyn, but not necessarily the outdoor type of hike, which is why I was so excited to go on our first outing together.  After asking my colleagues and doing some research, we landed on the intermediate level hike at Hannah Park.  Our hike was called the “South Loop” and was, in my opinion, the perfect distance at 4.5 miles.

Starting off at 10:00 a.m. (a little bit later than predicted) we decided to stop at a notoriously good sub spot on our way to get an early lunch/snack for afterwards.  Sub Cultured was absolutely amazing.  I’m not much a sub aficionado but this was quite possibly one of the best subs I’ve ever had.  I ordered the “Oh My Veggie!” and the hummus was on point, the lettuce and cucumbers were crisp, the bread was soft yet substantial and the sprouts on the top were simply wonderful. I mean…the best.  I may have also taken a bite of Sean’s “Turkey Deluxe” and the house ranch was unbeatable.



We arrived at Hannah Park and paid our $5 entrance fee, had a few bites of our sandwiches and our hike was underway.  I loved it.  The fresh air, the tall trees and being active on a Saturday morning was so nice.  The hike itself was fairly flat, so the only challenging part about it was the distance, which I’m pretty sure we made longer by getting lost too.  However, challenging or not, we were spending some time together and getting exercise which made it fun.

After we hiked for a few hours we decided to have the other half of our sandwich at the picnic tables which were positioned on a the cutest pond/lake, whatever you may have it.  Even though there were some children screaming on the playground, this part of the park was beautiful.  They even had kayaks and canoes to rent!

Outcomes of hiking were such:

  • Hannah park is gorgeous, peaceful and extremely well kept
  • Pack a real picnic for post hike, I loved the sub but it would have been nice to have a cheese platter and fruit too
  • I don’t care how hot it is, wear leggings and socks and sneakers to protect from bugs/plants/all nature that’s out to get you
  • Don’t forget a hydration backpack! It was so worth it to keep a few bottles of water and Gatorade handy for the hike
  • Look at the map prior to hiking….we learned that one the hard way
  • Take a minute to detach from your phone and enjoy nature…hiking was new for me so this part was a must!

Do you have any favorite hiking spots to try? We travel a decent bit so wherever you are I would love to hear!

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