What’s Your Master Plan?

Last year I received a little notebook that has a marble-like design on the outside and the words “Master Plan” written in gold foil on the front.  It is too cute.  To add to that, it even has a bookmark that has a tassel at the end – brilliant! I carried it around with me for a while, not sure what to do with it until I decided to write down some goals.  They were personal goals, somewhat lofty, but goals that I knew would serve me well in the long run.

Funny enough, I looked back at those goals this week and if I haven’t accomplished them, I’m in the process.  I don’t know if it was the physical act of writing down the goals that made me take the leap, or the fact that I wrote them down and felt so silly that I was waiting to do them.  Nonetheless, here I am.  Goals achieved and steps being taken to achieve them.

There’s a ton of research done about writing down goals and the effects that it can have, but I won’t get into that.  I can just tell you that I wasn’t looking at those goals all the time, it simply took writing them down to realize that deep down, there were things out there that I truly wanted to accomplish.  In the back of my mind did I know I wanted to do these things?  Yes, which is why I wrote them down…duh. Was writing them down the act of me finally facing the facts that I should get started?  Absolutely! Life can get mundane, and I KNOW we all give excuses as to why we can’t get something done, or how we don’t have time for something, but I can wholeheartedly say that you can make time.  If it’s not the time and you are simply afraid of failure, well, life is just too short to be afraid.

Perhaps we hide from the goals we want to achieve because we know that it’s extra work, or it’s going to take up that much more time, or ugh, who needs something else on their plate.  But I’m here to say DIVE IN.  There is truly no time but the present, and if you fail, at least you tried.  There’s one quote that I love by Robert F. Kennedy that says:

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”

Even if your “Master Plan” doesn’t go accordingly, which, come on, it never does, that’s certainly no reason not to try!  Set fun goals.  Set big goals.  Set a goal to send a card to your best friend on her graduation day.  You will start to realize that just diving in and doing these things will make your life that much more WELLNESS ROUNDED 😊


One Comment

  1. Jake Doran

    My master plan is constantly evolving with new things being added and outdated ones being removed. Maybe my master plan should be to just have one consistent master plan? :’)


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