10 Things To Do Before You Turn 30

Truthfully I can’t believe that I’m turning 30 in nine days.  I don’t quite know how I feel about it other than the fact that I couldn’t be more excited to go to Asheville and have a girls weekend.   In the spirit of this milestone birthday, I’m going to go down memory road and list out the top 10 things I recommend you do before you turn 30.  Shoot, even if you’re 30 and haven’t done one of these things….you’re still young!

  1. Get out of the country! Whether you have a ton of money or just a little, save up and get out and explore the world.  I’ve learned so much from my travels that I know I wouldn’t be the same had I not ventured out.
  2. Get a pet…OF YOUR OWN.  Your apartment complex may not allow dogs or cats or birds, whatever you’re into, but if it doesn’t get a fish.  Doesn’t matter.  Having a pet of your own allows you to realize what it’s like to have to take care of something other than yourself.  Not to mention most of them are super cute and you can name them something amazing (like Haribo, duh).
  3. SAVE $$.  Sounds like an obvious one, and I’m still working to save as much as I can, but the more you save early on, the better you will be down the road.  Broken record here, but every penny counts.
  4. Become an expert.  One of the most exciting ventures prior to 30 has been in yoga teacher training.  And I’m still working on it! What’s great is that I’m becoming an expert outside of my 9-5.  Think of it like this – why not fully dive in to something you are passionate about?  You can learn another language, learn to paint, become an expert ninja….the options are endless….so have some fun!
  5. Go on a roadtrip.  I haven’t done the biggest roadtrip, but I will say that when I drove down from Massachusetts to South Carolina with my best friend, it was an adventure.  You can stop wherever you want and get to learn more about every stop along the way.  And it’s a great excuse to have a few Big Macs 🙂
  6. Buy something meaningful with your own money.  When I moved to Washington, DC, I quickly realized that the fashion scene was a bit more elevated than in Oregon.  I had some money left over from my job with Nike and splurged and bought a Louis Vuitton that I had wanted for months (not the most meaningful purchase but you get my gist!) To this day, I look at that purse with pride that I was able to pay for it and not my parents.
  7. Take your vitamins.  This definitely goes beyond 30 but I take vitamins every night and I can certainly feel the difference when I don’t.  Get in the habit early!
  8. Get cultured.  Life is all about experiences…so start them in your twenties.  Go see a play.  Support a local charity.  You name it! I went to the U.S Open a few times in my 20’s and I love being able to tell people that I did that and speak to how incredible Arthur Ashe stadium is.  I love going to art exhibits here in Jacksonville and frankly even just driving down the coast and exploring new local restaurants.  Each place you go has a culture that is likely growing….get out and do as much as you can.
  9. Eat pasta.  Those carbs won’t come off later on. Enough said.
  10. OMG LIVE IT UP. Get that pizza at 2am.  Bungee jump.  Sky dive. Run a marathon.  Break up with that loser.  Ask for a fat raise.  I don’t want to say live without consequence, but in your twenties….for goodness sake, be selfish and trust your gut.  The only way to learn is by taking chances and you might fail, well, you’re definitely going to fail, but at least you can say you tried 🙂

Comment with anything you think I might have missed!



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