A Spring to Remember

This spring has been a whirlwind.  I haven’t blogged too much (sorry!) because I got a new job, am still spending one weekend a month in yoga class and have traversed the U.S quite literally.  From the first weekend in May, I’ve been to the Kentucky Derby, up to Asheville for a long weekend, up to Boston to visit one of my best friends, then over to California for a full week, with work trips down to St. Petersburg in between and yoga weekends too.  I’m pooped, but it was amazing.  I feel so blessed to have been able to do so many exciting things but am so thankful to be able to come home and relax.

Because of all of the traveling, I’m thrilled to have the next few months to chill in Florida and start to enjoy the summer here, but first, elimination diet time.  I’m actually starting a cleanse on Monday developed by Dr. Junger and the “clean team” if you will.  It’s a 21-day elimination diet where I have a shake in the morning, lunch according to the diet, and a shake a night.  It eliminates sugar, gluten, dairy, night shade vegetables, coffee, alcohol….and I think that’s it? Regardless…I cannot wait to start to feel good again! For more information you can check it out here.  More posts about it to come soon!

Back to the vacations.  Just as a quick overview before I give you fun itineraries and best restaurant posts from these places….I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the past few months.  I’ll first start with a picture from the Kentucky Derby.  This picture is of my husband and my best family friend/second father while watching one of the races throughout the day.  IMG_5205

My next favorite picture is from Asheville.  I took this right when I got to the Omni Grove Park Inn which is where we stayed.  Unbelievable hotel and unbelievable spa experience for my 30th birthday.


The next few pictures are from Boston.  Need I say more? 🙂

The last pictures are from our trip to California where we spent a week in Laguna Beach.  I had forgotten just how beautiful the beaches were there!  Oh, and I had a 17 course Omakase dinner in LA that was BEYOND.  Pictured below is an Uni, Caviar and Scallop shooter. MMMMM.


I hope everyone is having such a wonderful summer and I cannot wait to share more details of the cleanse with you and a few posts of some of my most favorite adventures the past few months.  Stay tuned!

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