Wellness Update: Trying Acupuncture

I have read a lot of tidbits about the cleanse that say to really try to take it easy.  Do more yoga, take baths, get a massage, meditate, you name it, all in the sake of letting your body ease into the cleansing process.  One of the top things I’ve read to do is Acupuncture.  While getting little needles put into your body may not sound like the most relaxing thing, after doing some reading on the benefits I thought I would give it a shot.

Acupuncture is derived from Chinese medicine and they believe that we all have an energy called “qi” that flows throughout the body.  Over time or through certain instances, your “qi” can get blocked and in comes acupuncture.  According to UC San Diego, Acupuncture can relieve stress and pain, improve sleep and aid digestion (all things that occur and get disrupted when your “qi” is blocked).  The notion behind this is that the little needles go into points in your body called acupoints.  These acupoints are areas that when stimulated promote all of the above that I’ve mentioned. With that information, I figured, OK, whatever I can do to help with my detox, let’s do it.

One of my coworkers had raved about her Acupuncturist that was right down the street from our office.  She said that when she came out of there she felt like a new person, so naturally that’s where I wanted to go.  I booked an appointment during my lunch hour and headed over to the clinic/office/wellness spot whatever you may have it.  Dr. Honeysett asked me if I had any ailments that I wanted her to work on and truth be told I’ve been having a little issue with my back.  She said it sounded like I had an “SI” issue and she could help.  She knew far more than I did about what was going on with my back in the first two minutes! Once she knew about what was going on and my desire to just “chill” we got started.

We went into a very relaxing room where I proceeded to lie face down in a massage chair with some chinese waiting room music playing in the background.  Quite lovely.  Then I feel what I can only describe as a “flick” and then another, and then another, and then one that was a little more than a “flick” and she even said oh….most people don’t feel that one…you must really be tight.  Yep. All in my shoulders Honeysett, you caught me. Then all of the flicks were done.  I had about four little needles in the area of my back where I was having trouble, one needle on the other side of my lower back, one needle on each shoulder for stress, and then one need on each inner ankle, for stress/digestion etc.  Then she put a heat lamp on top of me (but not too hot) and told me to relax.  My only job was to zone out.  For some, I think it would be difficult to do considering you’re quite literally pinned down and shouldn’t move.  However, I started daydreaming, drooling, you name it.  Fell asleep a few times.  I could feel the tension being released and it felt OH so good. She came to check on me after 15 minutes and then left me alone again for another 15 until time was up.  Then she took the needles out quickly and put a holistic patch on the area of my back that was hurting.

I walked out of the office and not only did I feel more grounded and relaxed, my whole body and oddly enough even mind felt at ease.  Quite possibly it was one of the best “wellness” experiences I’ve ever tried.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good massage, but this was a whole new level.

For the rest of the day I was walking around on a cloud.  And to this day (about 5 days later) I still feel the effects.  I booked my next appointment for this Thursday and truly cannot wait to go back.

Have you tried Acupuncture?  I would love to hear about your experience!

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